Glam Polish – July ’16 Mysteries

Browsing Instagram last Friday, minding my own business, when I came across Glam Polish mystery polishes I couldn’t pass up. I purchased all four and was not disappointed…I couldn’t wait to try them on! As usual I used Orly Bonder as basecoat, Seche Vite for topcoat. These are still for sale on Glam Polish’s site so I’ll put my swatches under a cut If you still want to be surprised…

What Goes Around, Comes Back Around is a mystery microglitter/holo.

Glam Polish - What Goes Around...Comes Back AroundIt’s a sky blue holographic base with sky blue microglitter. The formula was great – no pooling, not patchy. Two coats was all it took. I used two coats of topcoat to smooth it out. If you like a slightly textured finish you can definitely go without.Glam Polish - What Goes Around macroGlam Polish - What Goes Around...Comes Back Around Glam Polish - What Goes Around...Comes Back AroundLet Them Eat Cake is another microglitter/holo. It’s a light purple holographic base with small purple holographic glitters.

Glam Polish - Let Them Eat Cake macroFormula was just as good at the first. I used two coats polish, topped with two coats topcoat for this one, as well.Glam Polish - Let Them Eat CakeGlam Polish - Let Them Eat Cake Glam Polish - Let Them Eat CakeBye Felicia is another microglitter/holo. It’s a pink holo base with pink holo glitters.Glam Polish - Bye FeliciaSame great formula. Two coats polish with two coats top coat…

Glam Polish - Bye Felicia macroGlam Polish - Bye Felicia Glam Polish - Bye Felicia B*tch Please is a mystery holo. It’s a purple holo with purple flakies.

Glam Polish - B*tch PleaseI only needed one coat topcoat over two coats polish since this wasn’t a microglitter. Same awesome formula – no issues at all.

Glam Polish - B*tch Please macro Glam Polish - B*tch PleaseGlam Polish - B*tch PleaseI loved all four of these! This was my first time buying mystery polishes from Glam Polish but it’s definitely not my last. Glad to add these to my growing Glam Polish collection.

Which was your fav? Are there any other Glam Polishes I need to check out?




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