#31DC2016 days 1-4

Happy Labor Day! I got caught up with my first class (project management..woohoo) but I did paint my nails every day! Here are the first four days combined into one post…

Day 1: Red

I used OPI – 5 Apples Tall, Ginger Liz – Is It Friday Yet?, and an unlabeled silver stamping polish. The plate with the hearts is BP-11 and the dots are from a dotting tool. I left the Is It Friday Yet? without a topcoat because I loved the texture…

Day 2: Orange31dnc2016_2orange
For day 2, I used China Glaze – Girls Just Wanna Have Sun for a base and used acrylic paint to make some fall leaves. This was probably the first time I got a chance to use my Wistonia – Berry Wine brushes to create¬† something I like…

Day 3: Yellow31dnc2016_3yellow
For day 3, I used Lou it Yourself – Light Matter as a base and acrylic paint to create the sun. I thought this one was so cute and didn’t want to take it off…Again, I used my Wistonia – Berry Wine brush.

Day 4: Green31dnc2016_4green
For day 4 I used Enchanted Polish – Lost Boy as a base and stamped leaves using MoYou London tropical 14 plate and unlabeled MoYou London polishes in light green, green, and blue.

I’m currently trying to come up with something for day 5…I should be posting soon.

Thanks for stopping by. If anybody else is doing the challenge I’d love to see what you’ve done so far!



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