Unfinished 31 day challenge 2016

I took on 3 required courses this semester (project management, advanced database management, and UNIX) and they’ve been pretty tough. That on top of some personal stuff left me unable to finish the 31 day challenge.

Here are the rest of the looks I did for the challenge. If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen these already.

31dnc2016_6violetday 6 – violet31dnc2016_7bwday 7 – black and white31dnc2016_8metallicday 8 –  metallic31dnc2016_9rainbowday 9 – rainbow31dnc2016_11dotsday 11 – polka dots31dnc2016_12stripesday 12 – stripes

Congrats to anyone who finished the challenge. I look forward to trying again next year!




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