Powder Perfect Swatch-fest

I made a couple of purchases after Thanksgiving but school kept me so busy I barely had a chance to even looke at them. One of those purchases was a couple of Powder Perfect polishes from Live Love Polish. As soon as classes were over the first thing I did was take some photos.

First up is Utopia described as “a raspberry pink holographic polish with iridescent microflakes”. This ended up being one of my favorites…

Powder Perfect - UtopiaPowder Perfect - UtopiaPowder Perfect - Utopia macro

Blue flakies against hot pink? Yes!

Next up is Time Stood Still – a light purple holographic polish. This one is an exclusive to Live Love Polish…

Powder Perfect - Time Stood Still Powder Perfect - Time Stood Still Live Love Polish - Time Stood Still

This macro for Time Stood Still isn’t the greatest, but you can see the holo and glitters up close here.

The Crossroads is a brown holographic with flakies.Powder Perfect - The Crossroads

Powder Perfect - The Crossroads
Mother Goddess is a sky blue holographic with some small flakes mixed in…

Powder Perfect - Mother GoddessPowder Perfect - Mother GoddessPowder Perfect - Mother Goddess
This one up close is magic.

Vault of Heaven is deep purple holographic with flakies.Powder Perfect - Vault of HeavenPowder Perfect - Vault of Heaven Powder Perfect - Vault of Heaven
You can never go wrong with holo, flakies, and purple.

Fall-ing in Love is a lavender holographic polish with color shifting microflakes. Another favorite…

Powder Perfect - Fall-ing in LovePowder Perfect - Fall-ing in Love Powder Perfect - Fall-ing in Love
Macro photo isn’t as color accurate but…flakes!

Ra is “a silver holographic polish with gold holographic microglitter”.
Powder Perfect - RaPowder Perfect - Ra Powder Perfect - Ra
Another macro glitter filled holo. I love the way it looks in the macro.

I’m also trying out a new macro lens I got for my iPhone 7+. I need to practice with the lighting a little bit…

Some of these are still available on Live Love Polish.

Thanks for coming by!




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