LifeStyle Lacquer – Snow Queen & H.O.P.E

I’m a part of a Facebook group called Fantasmic Flakies since I’ve recently started loving flakie polishes. It’s been bad for my wallet…but look at the flakies! A new to me brand, Lifestyle Lacquer, made polishes as a part of the December group custom. Snow Queen, a dark navy blue inspired by Frozen, consists of blue/purple/violet UUC flakies, cyan/blue shimmer and holo flakies. I used three coats for coverage but could’ve gotten away with two…

LifeStyle Lacquer - Snow Queen LifeStyle Lacquer - Snow Queen
It’s so pretty! I decided to do a little nail art and stamped over it using MASH Skyline Blue and BP-L053…

LifeStyle Lacquer - Snow Queen
I can hardly ever buy 1 polish from an indie company without buying another. H.O.P.E (hold on pain ends) is a turquoise green polish with holographic pigment, UUC flakies, and hint of violet shimmer.

LifeStyle Lacquer - H.O.P.E
This polish is special because it was created as a part of a group project to donate money to those struggling with substance abuse. After that project was over, the left over polishes are now limited edition until gone with 15% of each sale going to

LifeStyle Lacquer - H.O.P.E
I used three coats for even coverage. And again, I did a little art using MoYou London Mercury and plate BP-L040. I didn’t want to cover up the polish too much so I only stamped over a couple fingers…

LifeStyle Lacquer - H.O.P.E
I’d definitely buy from Lifestyle Lacquer again. I’ll forever be addicted to flakie polishes…

If you haven’t already, check out the Fantasmic Flakies FB group and purchase either Snow Queen (7.5ml mini for $7.50, 15ml full size for $13), H.O.P.E (15ml full size for $12), or both like I did!




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