Shleee Polish – Shimmers

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. Taking a hiatus did not stop me from buying polish, though! Shleee Polish is one of my favs and I wanted to share a few of them I bought recently. I’ll be splitting this post into two separate posts, one with shimmers and one with toppers. First up — shimmers!

First is Cornish Pixie 2.0. It’s described as “an ultramarine blue polish with holographic shimmers, glitters, and flakies, and intense pink shimmer flecks”. It’s amazing. I wish I had a chance to see this outside but it was raining the day I wore this. I’ll definitely be trying it outside soon, though.

This is three coats with top coat. I can’t speak on wear time as I used a peel off base with all of these just because I was swatching. There’s a little visible nail line that showed up in photos if you look at my index finger but another coat could’ve covered it up.¬†Seriously love this one. The shimmer is just…((sigh)).

Next up is Incantation has “red-orange-gold shifting shimmer, and color shifting iridescent micro glitters in a blackened base”.

The shift in this one is awesome. Three coats like the last one but with no visible nail line.

Next up is Wizardry. It kind of feels like a cousin to Cornish Pixie 2.o. Wizardry is “a deep cool tones violet jelly polish with sparkly pink/red/copper shifting shimmer flecks.” The shimmer in this one is amazing, too…

I purchased Cornish Pixie 2.0 a week before Wizardry was released. I tried to convince myself it was too close to Pixie to buy it but as soon as I tried Cornish Pixie on I knew I needed this one, too. I think I took the most pictures of this one. I wanted to catch the shimmer from every angle possible. This one is three coats like the others.

What do you think? I’m sure I’ll be using these as undies to some stamping soon.¬†Incantation is a great color for fall. I feel like shimmers are perfect to transition between summer and fall.

Shleee polish has releases every Friday. These 3 are no longer available but I’ve seen many polishes come back in restocks. I have a reoccurring appointment in my phone to check Shleee every week because her polishes are so beautiful…

Thanks for coming by!

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