31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2018: Day 1

I recently started organizing my nail polish collection. This pushed me into creating a dedicated corner for in my room for everything polish related. I thought it was crazy because I was able to pick up bottle after bottle and remember when or where I bought it. I feel like this process caused me to relearn what I loved about polish in the first place. What better way to get back into posting than tackling the 31-day nail art challenge?

In the past, I feel like I always put too much pressure on myself rather than having fun. I’ll be using the challenge to get back into doing more nail art since I’ve been falling off for some time.

I used Don Deeva’s Cherri Maraschino, a red glitter, and Cocki Saki, a red unicorn pee sibling topper. The cherries are freehand using acrylic paint and Winstonia¬†berry wine brush. My freehand is a little rusty but that’s something I plan on working on during the challenge…

I wish I had been able to get the shimmer in Cocki Saki to show up better on camera. This combo is definitely on my to-do list so I can get some macro/sun shots next time. I usually can’t stand reds/pinks on me but this combo is really pretty in person!

Anyone else working on #31dc2018? I’m scouring Instagram and hearting everything I see! Follow me on Instagram to see my posts a little faster!

thanks for coming by!

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